Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Truth From The Right

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • I don't think I'm a huge fan of this season of "Survivor". Too much quitting and stupid voting and letting the Favorites win. It's still my favorite show, but it's down a bit from last season.
    • Man, am I happy about tonight's "Idol" results. Ecstatic, in fact.
    • Don't sleep -- there was a new episode of "The Soup Presents" this past Monday. I'm sure they'll replay it again and again. There's another one coming next week as well.
    • I'll be watching every game tomorrow and Friday, so posting late and probably with just a feel for what went on during the day.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • My biggest upset in the first round is Temple over Michigan St. My Final Four is what I said a couple of weeks ago: Carolina, Kansas, UCLA, and Stanford.
    • I have very little confidence in any of my picks.
    • I'm going out of town on Saturday for the whole week to a magical land with no internet access, South Carolina. I'm hoping I can set up shop at some pancake house with wireless every so often. I'll attempt to further investigate the Cougar Club when I'm back in Charleston.
  • Daily Rave:
    • Hey, have I ever mentioned that I love Mike Huckabee? This is one of the most insightful quotes I've heard in the wake of Obama's speech yesterday:
    • And one other thing I think we've gotta remember. As easy as it is for those of us who are white, to look back and say "That's a terrible statement!"...I grew up in a very segregated south. And I think that you have to cut some slack -- and I'm gonna be probably the only Conservative in America who's gonna say something like this, but I'm just tellin' you -- we've gotta cut some slack to people who grew up being called names, being told "you have to sit in the balcony when you go to the movie. You have to go to the back door to go into the restaurant. And you can't sit out there with everyone else. There's a separate waiting room in the doctor's office. Here's where you sit on the bus..." And you know what? Sometimes people do have a chip on their shoulder and resentment. And you have to just say, I probably would too. I probably would too. In fact, I may have had more of a chip on my shoulder had it been me.


Seth said...
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Seth said...

sorry, i messed up the link. I figured you would find this funny. Make sure your sound is on.