Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Couch Potato Day

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • I think I'm going to save a lot for Saturday and do a huge thing on "The Wire" with the finale on Sunday. Just gut-wrenching... I am way more bummed about this ending than I was for "The Sopranos".
    • I can't believe that I've never heard the song referred to this way, but Bill Maher called the National Anthem "America's Theme Song."
    • Watched two very, very good (in different ways) movies today. One was City of God (from Netflix), a Brazilian movie that garnered a number of Oscar nominations in 2004. It's based on the true story of a kid growing up in the ultra-violent slums of Rio de Janeiro and the gang wars therein. It's very comparable, in themes and quality, to Boyz in the Hood or Menace II Society.
    • The other was Beyond The Mat (on Encore On Demand), a 1999 documentary about pro-wrestling. It follows the business behind the (then) WWF and people who are trying to break their way in, hitting their prime, and making their way out. It's fascinating and touching. You have to see it for two things -- a look at Jake "The Snake" Roberts (now a crackhead with an amazing history of family violence) and a scene where The Rock is hitting Mick Foley over the head with a real folding chair again and again while Foley's wife and small kids scream and cry in real horror from the audience.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • I caught a good chunk of the #1-for-one-more-day Vols' squeaker over Kentucky. With Selection Sunday in two weeks, my prediction for the Final Four right now is Carolina, UCLA, Kansas, and... maybe Stanford? I don't believe in Tennessee, Duke, or Memphis as legit title contenders.
    • Two weeks from today is also my fantasy baseball draft. I finally bought my magazine today. I'd be more worried that I'm starting late if I didn't have a keeper group with names like Alex Rodriguez, Jimmy Rollins, Matt Holliday, and Chase Utley, among others.
    • Since, I've been making fun of Hillary and Huckabee videos, I have to give equal time with this, the latest Obama video. It's not as cheesy but I'm not a fan; the whole chanting thing is pretty creepy. Pretty, pretty creepy.
  • Daily Rant:
    • Anyone who's on Facebook probably knows about the Scrabulous application. This is a third-party-made on-line Scrabble-type game. There's now a Facebook group called "Save Scrabulous" because, shocker, Hasbro doesn't like someone infringing on their copyright. Look, I love the application, but I can't support this group and I'm wondering if there's a "Don't Save Scrabulous" group that I can join. Copyrights are obtained for a reason. Infringing upon one is stealing. Period. I hope they can work it out and Hasbro can get their rightful taste. Otherwise, kill it as soon as possible to send a message that not everything is open source.

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