Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Ears Are Now Mostly Safe. Mostly...

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • I was right -- Mikey should have taken Joel out at their first tribal council, and today Joel's bad decision last week came back to haunt him. It all goes to show that Tracey is a real player in this game. She's doing a fantastic job of making the decisions and letting others take the credit.
    • I still say that Chet is the worst contestant in "Survivor" history.
    • But at least he always has a bright and glowing attitude.
    • I loved "Celebrity Rehab" throughout the season and this blog by Dr. Drew talks about his thoughts on the final decisions. It also says that there will be a Reunion Show next week. I was bummed tonight that they didn't show what's happened, so I'm psyched for that show.
    • No huge complaints about the Final 12; I'm just overjoyed that I don't have to watch Daniel Noriega butcher every song he sings anymore.
    • I'll watch the end of the Stanford-UCLA game as I go to sleep (Stanford is up 9 right now early in the 2nd), but the defense from both sides is just oppressive. Kevin Love is just such a beast; not counting King James, I haven't seen a big man with this kind of passing skill since Andrew Bogut. Imagine Love in the high post of a Princeton offense.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • I was remiss in checking earlier this week, but we crossed the 1,000-visit threshold a few days ago (after around 150 posts). Many thanks. The average daily page views has consistently crept up over time.
    • This Ken Starr BS makes me feel less sorry for whatever may have happened in the '90s. I'm sorry that the Clinton campaign has lowered my opinion of them that much.
    • Not so good for St. Louis or for fantasy baseball players.
    • This article, while long, is awesome. I think women Democrats who are bummed that they don't have a female candidate in the General Election will fall in love with Michelle Obama and what she stands for.
  • "Lost" Comments/Questions of the Week:
    • I thought this was kind of an anti-climactic episode after last week's craziness. I did like the new perspective on the Others during the crash and why Ben sent Goodwin after the Tailies.
    • We know how Ben got to the island and we know that Richard has been there for a long time, but how did the other Others get there? Were Tom, Ethan, and co. like Richard or like Ben or like Juliette?
    • Does Widmore searching for the island have less to do with its qualities and more to do with Desmond? Or is it just coincidence? Yeah, right.
    • Why was Ben getting the chemicals ready again? Was he looking to ditch the island and kill off the 815 survivors?
    • I haven't read any spoilers and it won't be revealed until next week, but I know I'm right about who Ben's guy on the freighter is. I think it's been sort of obvious all along (especially if you read the credits).

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