Monday, March 17, 2008

Just A Bit Of A Break From The Norm

We've had the politics and we have the tournament. I watched the "Celebrity Rehab" Reunion Show tonight and I'm dying to talk about that and how awesome Dr. Drew is. The thing is, my night got a bit derailed and I'd like to take a break from all of that serious junk.

You've probably seen this video at some point today from the Muppet Show; it's been making the rounds. While we were watching it, I decided I wanted to click on this link to watch a Muppet Show song from 1969 that we all know and love. And then all hell broke loose.

I decided to search for the "Muppet Babies" theme song on YouTube and as we watched it I began to laugh so hard, I started crying (seriously, my eyes are still a little sore). Come on -- how freaking awesome was that show!!! My wife then made fun of me and we began to watch cartoon after cartoon. Here's some of our journey:


angie said...

I LOVED "Muppet Babies"!! Unfortunately, for some reason my computer isn't playing the linked videos correctly, so I'll have to try again later.

Louise Rothschild said...

Ok, I had no idea that by emailing you the Muppets video for St. Patty's Day that you and Elisha would spend two hours looking at old videos. That's just too cool.

Marissa said...

Some of my favorite YouTube nostalgics:

What do you think is in the burgers?

Cut it out, or stick around for some excellent stories:

And for the super-educational:

Josh said...

That's awesome -- I actually tried to look for You Can't Do That On Television for a second last night and couldn't find it. Where was it? I don't know! (Splash)

I'm posting a couple of others to my entry tonight.