Saturday, March 22, 2008

Who's The Winner? Tampa's The Winner!

If you were lucky enough to have tickets to the NCAA tournament pod site in Tampa today, you saw:
  • What's likely to be The Game of the Tournament as #12 Western Kentucky beat #5 Drake on a prayer 3 at the overtime buzzer.
  • #13 San Diego beating #4 UConn in OT on a jumper with 1.2 seconds left.
  • #13 Siena soundly thrashing #4 Vanderbilt.
  • #12 Villanova coming from 18 points back to beat #5 Clemson.

That's 4 games with 4 upsets and three close ones. Not bad on what was a much better day than yesterday for basketball fans.

Some other observations:

  • Butler was obviously severely underseeded, but we knew that.
  • Tennessee and Memphis both let their overmatched opponents hang around for quite a while, Tennessee more than Memphis. However, TX-Arlington did not play a great game and they were within 10-15 points of Memphis throughout. Not a great sign for a 1-seed.
  • I think Arkansas may be athletic enough to give UNC a bit of a game.
  • You can have Chris Lofton -- I'll take Davidson's Stephen Curry, who put up 40 in their win over Gonzaga, including 8 of 11 from three.
  • I'm really looking forward to Butler-Tennessee, but first comes West Virginia-Duke tomorrow.

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