Tuesday, March 18, 2008

One For The Good Guys

Ha, I'm 1-0 so far in my tournament picks. I'll get to my final ones tomorrow night, or at least highlights. I'm also leaving The Speech alone. I think my feelings are fairly obvious -- it was one of the most important speeches in recent memory. I'll still put his 2004 convention one above this, but it's closer than I would have expected.

There aren't many days where this blog got more hits than yesterday. People searching for anything from "Tale Spin" to Jennifer Love Hewitt (sorry to dissapoint you, whoever that was) found us. Here's another great educational one. And of course, "Kick it Rockapella!" Maybe my crying over "Muppet Babies" and Steve going ga-ga over Hannah Montana has struck some kind of nerve. I'm going to ride it out and put out just a Your List Sucks! tonight -- the Top 5 "Good Guys" on Reality TV:
  • 5. Jonathan Penner ("Survivor") -- Say what you will about how he plays the game; nobody on "Survivor" is really all that angelic. Jonathan just seems like a truly good guy though, and this is of course biased by his unfortunate circumstances last week.
  • 4. Bob ("The Biggest Loser") -- Yeah, the show is pretty cheesy and they have product placement like no other. Jillian may be more kick-ass, but Bob is just a really nice guy who provides emotional support to the unbelievably emotionally-weak contestants they have on the show.
  • 3. Colby ("Survivor") -- Come on, who's a better guy than Colby in show history? He gave up the million to Tina and you could see that he's one of the few contestants that Probst genuinely likes.
  • 2. Morgan ("Kid Nation") -- Morgan was the mom in Bonanza City who seemed to settle every dispute and build morale among the various factions. There was no more deserving winner of the $50,000 star at the end.
  • 1. Dr. Drew ("Celebrity Rehab") -- What can you say? He's genuine, caring, serious about his line of work (but doesn't take himself too seriously), and very good at what he does. Did I mention he's genuine? He ruled over the best (so far) new show of 2008 with his discipline and honesty and he truly made many of his patients better. He told them that only one of them would stay clean and, sure enough, that's what happened. He even went to court for Jessica after she was arrested. You really can't say a bad thing about him after watching the show.

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