Sunday, March 23, 2008

Greetings From The Land Of Secession

So there actually is WiFi in South Carolina! Long day of driving, so I'm beat, but here's the quick NCAA thoughts:
  • I picked West Virginia in my bracket and there's no surprise they beat Duke. The Blue Devils were very weak on the inside all year. Once WVU started hitting their shots, it was over.
  • A lot of people had Notre Dame over Wazzou, but I took the Cougars. They're actually better than I thought though. I think Carolina matches up well against them, but it should be an interesting game.
  • I told you all that Pittsburgh was overrated. I just wish I had picked Michigan State in the first round over Temple. Between the Spartans and how good Wisconsin looked today, I slept on the Big Ten a bit this year.
  • No sleeping on the Pac-10 though. Besides Wazzou's dominance so far, Stanford and UCLA are champion-caliber teams. Both had rough stretches and both bore down to win the game. The two game-winners, by Lopez and Collison, were sick shots. Kevin Love showed with the insane fade-away that maybe he has more pro moves than people thought. Brook Lopez played with a mean streak during conference play, but it wasn't until the second half tonight that he showed his aggression. I picked Stanford to go to the Final Four because I thought nobody could match up with Lopez if he got going right (I'm envisioning him sort of like Nick Collison in the year when Kansas lost to Syracuse -- remember his 31 and 11, or something like that, against Duke?).
  • Tomorrow, it's all about Butler-Tennessee. Everything else is just window dressing. I'm also interested in seeing if Arkansas can run with Carolina and if Stephen Curry can shoot Georgetown out of their zone.
  • What a great last couple of days!

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