Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Next Level

Being on vacation and all, I actually wasn't going to write today. Nothing much happened except that I got in a fight with a timeshare salesperson, but I suppose I'll save that, if I even recount the nastiness. So I was going to skip a day, but then I watched "American Idol" so I figured I'd put out a few notes:
  • I was watching it on my laptop, so maybe I was a little disoriented from normal, because I disagreed with Simon and Randy a bunch and that never happens (not being sarcastic there).
  • For instance, I despised Michael Johns' "We Will Rock You" bit and that made me hate his whole performance. On review, I guess the second part was a lot better.
  • I also really like Carly's performance, maybe for the first time all season. Once I heard she was doing the Bonnie Turner song, I knew she would do well. I bet Mr. Tony raves about her tomorrow morning.
  • What can you say about Kristy Lee Cook's song choice? She won't get voted out because of the whole USA thing. Simon sort of hinted at that. I HATE HATE HATE the song -- it's played before every Ravens game and people treat it like it's the National Anthem, standing up and taking their hats off. To me, it's the musical equivalent of having to wear a flag pin to show you love the country. If the only way I can be "patriotic" is to like that song, count me out.
  • That leaves David Cook, who may be the best contestant in "Idol" history at making a song his own. On this one, I totally agree with Simon -- he took a huge risk and it could have been horrible or brilliant. Brilliant may be even a little weak in describing that performance. He's the one person I look forward to every Tuesday and the one whose performance I most want to watch a second time every week.

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Seth said...

I think that David Cook is starting to sound a lot like Chris Daughtry. Just a head's up, his cover last night was Chris Cornell's arrangement of Billie Jean. His "Hello" was a cover by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. I like his voice but I think people are giving him too much credit for originality when he's doing covers of other people's versions of songs like Daughtry did with Live's "Walk the Line" I'm still backing Jason Castro even though his last two weeks have been a little too "Lite FM" for me.

My picks for bottom three tonight (even though I won't see it because I'll be en route to Myrtle Beach):
1. Ramiele
2. Chikezie
3. Carly

I think Ramiele's going home this week because there are too many red blooded NASCAR fans that will vote for Kristy.