Friday, March 21, 2008

Quick Observations

Overall, a slow day of games. Only two seed upsets and one of them was an 8-9. Obviously, the big story of the day was Duke-Belmont. The bar we were watching the games in was showing the Maryland NIT game as the main event, but we were following Belmont's attempts to hang in with the Blue Devils. Even though some people were inexplicably interested in the Terps, more and more of them started to move their attention as they heard us scream with every Belmont bucket. What can I say: the Bruins had the game in their hands and they blew it.

Fucking Duke...

Here are the "Lost" Comments:
  • I missed Michael so I was happy with his episode.
  • I think it's apparent that when Ben said in the second season finale that the Others were "the good guys," he meant as opposed to Charles Widmore. I guess this battle is going to become a focal point of the series moving forward. Maybe this is how they bring us back around to the question of, hello, what the hell is the island anyway?
  • Like how can it affect whether or not Michael can kill himself? Fate vs. coincedence has been a major theme of this series -- that seemed to come into play tonight.
  • We haven't seen Richard and company for a while, so I'm going to guess that they killed Rousseau and Carl, although that's not a definite. I guess that overall they're bringing it back to the island as a center of attention as opposed to all of the freighter craziness.

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