Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Weird Survivor Season And A Weirder Lost One

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • What is going on with this season of "Survivor"? We'll miss Jonathan, but I can't believe that Chet went out like that. The worst player in show history somehow made it even worse on the way out.
    • I don't know if I loved tonight's "Lost". More later.
    • And so go the Terps. They didn't really deserve to go anyways. Plus, I can openly root for the teams I want to win, like UCLA or Kansas.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • I don't think "Client-9" is going to catch on. I do think we can get "7-diamond" into the popular lexicon though.
    • Still awfully behind on fantasy baseball. It does look like my man James Shields is mowing through guys in spring training.
    • I also should probably be starting to follow the NBA a little. The Rockets have won 20 in a row and they're led by Tracy McGrady, who I once stood across a table from at a party and thought about going to say hi while his HUGE bodyguards glared at me.
  • "Lost" Comments/Questions of the Week:
    • Not a whole lot happened here, other than knowing who the last of the Oceanic Six is.
    • The whole forward/backward thing was weird, but not too weird.
    • We know that there was a bit of time after they got back before Hurley ended up in the asylum.
    • Was Jin one of the two people who Kate told the court survived the crash but died on the island?
    • This was the guess I kept talking about -- has there ever been a more obvious surprise than Michael's re-appearance?
    • The book that the woman, Regina (and what the heck was her death all about?), was reading was The Survivors of the Chancellor, a book about a shipwreck. Just thought it was a cool little easter egg thing.


Seth said...

Because I'm a big dork and am addicted to Lost, I found some screencaps of Jin's tombstone. The date of death on it is 9/22/2004 - the date of the crash.

Elisha said...

Interesting, Seth - does this mean that the baby wasn't actually Jin's, since it was supposedly conceived on the island... but if he died in the crash... I'm getting confused already - this whole "only 8 people survived the crash" thing is messing with my head, since we "know" that more than 8 people survived.

Also - on the Jules Verne book Josh mentioned - tons of the crew died, some were washed away in a storm, some committed suicide. Not sure if that's what they were linking it to, since in the book, only 5 of 8 passengers survived... on the island, supposed 6 of 8 survived... my head's starting to hurt :)

Roy said...


So behind on Survivor; it's like two diamond to me right now.

College B-Ball is so 6 diamond right now. Countdown to 7 diamond status- T-minus 5 days, 23 hours, 18 mins.
The Terps are soooooo 0 diamond right now; I'm not even thinking an NIT run.

Fantasy Baseball - 4 diamond right now. If I hit the spreadsheets hard enough, by Sunday night, I'm thinking 5 diamond.

I have actually been following the NBA a little bit. Amazingly, the Wizards are actually a full diamond better w/o Agent 0 than with. Who knew?

Your blog is so totally 7 diamond. But don't expect that I'll pay you $3,100 for every hour I read it. By the way, did you see the only 7 diamond girl on HuffPost's archive of the Emperors Club website? Moooooaaaaaaaaauuuuuuhhhh-ney

Josh said...

Nice catch -- so he's not one of the two who survived, but died.

Roy, if you're looking for something to do tonight, college basketball is going to be as close to 7-diamond as possible -- Pac-10 tourney starts at 9 on CSN with USC-UCLA and then Wash St.-Stanford. All 4 have a good shot of going to at least the Sweet 16.