Saturday, March 1, 2008

Catching Up

Didn't get home until like 3:30 last night, when I basically just watched "The Soup" and went to bed. So I'm catching up this morning and I'll do one later tonight. I played in a poker tournament where I didn't cash, though I'm not too unhappy -- I was in 8th place and was getting no cards and basically just scratched and clawed with nothing, stealing tons of blinds, to somehow make it to 4th place (3 places paid). It ended at 3 and I was wondering who would answer the phone in the White House to save me from a home invasion (at least, I think that's what this ad was getting at, and here's the response ad).

So now, it's 11AM and I'm sitting here, waiting for McCain to reject and denounce John Hagee for this and watching Disorderlies on HBO (yes, Disorderlies). This movie really is as bad as I remember it. Love it.

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