Thursday, February 28, 2008

Desmond, Penny, and Overwhelming Confusion

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • I really hate all of the Favorites on "Survivor". Plus, Joel made a huge error in judgment tonight. He could have given the leadership role back to someone else, while still maintaining his influence. This season has some work to do to live up to the last one.
    • Are any of the people on "Celebrity Rehab" going to stay sober after they leave? Doesn't look too good.
    • I can't argue with who went home on "Idol" this week, although Amanda Overmyer was really, really bad. Moment of the night: when Alaina Whitaker was bawling her eyes out, the camera cut over to the guys, where Luke Menard and David Archuleta were laughing a little and Danny Noriega was standing in front of them with his bottom lip literally quivering.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • If you've read this blog at all, you know that one of my big pet issues is civil rights for LGBT Americans. Well, needless to say, I'm more than a bit excited by this, from an ad that appeared in Texas newspapers.
    • I'm miserably behind on college basketball this year. I watched most of Memphis-Tennessee last weekend, but I have some serious catching up to do in two weeks. That would be Championship Week, the best sports week of the year.
  • "Lost" Questions of the Week:
    • Huh, wha' happened??
    • I think we've known that time is weird on the island, but not in this way. Even though the time on the island seems to run slower than off the island, the calendar on the boat seemed to be accurate in terms of how long since the plane crash.
    • If Minkowski was the radio guy until he went nuts and was tied up, why did he recently answer the phone every time Farraday and team called?
    • Widmore, Hanso, the Black Rock -- things may be starting to come together.
    • I have a hunch on who Ben's guy on the boat is. I'm keeping it to myself for now, because I really think I'm right.


Elisha said...

Just a quick thought on your Minkowski question - I think the last time they were able to contact the ship, they talked to a female because they didn't want to talk to Minkowski - he might have already gone crazy and the people on the island just didn't know? Also, it seemed to come on pretty quickly for Desmond, so perhaps he only recently started to show the same symptoms.

Just a thought...

angie said...

I didn't see the shot of the guys laughing, but I did see about 3 or 4 shots (including a close-up) of David A. bawling when they announced Alexandrea was leaving. I wouldn't have picked her to go. Granted, this week she wasn't fabulous, but I didn't think any of the girls had a fabulous performance. Plus I really liked her last week.