Monday, February 4, 2008

Why People Google Family Guy Instead Of Politics

Okay, so I have to admit -- I included a horribly failed experiment in yesterday's post. Here's the background. I can see how people have gotten to this page if they clicked on a link to get here. Sometimes it's from my Facebook profile or someone's RSS reader. Generally, it's from some Google search. Steve's "Golden Girls" post drew a good number of people who Googled the lyrics to the theme song. There a decent number of people who have Googled about "Lost". My favorite has been the people who got here by searching, "Take a seat, Zach's dad!" Honestly. So awesome.

So, the experiment. My last bullet point was the following: "If I had the chance to vote on Tuesday in the California Primary, I would not be able to vote for Hillary Clinton after her lies regarding her support of the War in Iraq." I wanted to see if I could get anyone who Googles something like, "Clinton California Iraq." But did I? Nope. Instead, there was only one referral from a Google search and that was for "Shipoopi."

A few Super Tuesday-related links:
  • The American Spectator writes about why Republicans should fear Obama politically. Plus they use "schadenfreude", one of my favorite words.
  • If Pat Buchanan and The American Conservative hate McCain, he can't be that bad. Enemy of my enemy, and so on.
  • Finally, if you've been under a log for the last day or two, here is the video for Obama. I actually think it's kind of overrated, but it does co-star very hot Jewess Scarlett Johansson.


Roy said...

Why? My guess, if I google "Clinton California Iraq" I get page after page of results from cnn, politico, msnbc, usatoday, etc. I google "Shipoopi" and I get blogs on the first page. Not your blog, but you catch my drift. Still, people are dumb sometimes.

Speaking of dumb people, time for politics. I'm a little scared about Obama tonight, but I don't know if thats founded, or if I have grown attached enough that I am worried for him. I do see somewhat of a split on the Democrat side tonight. I think Obama will take a lot of delegates in states he had no business competing in, like Jersey, Conn, Mass, and maybe even New York. Early watch for how big a margin he wins Georgia by, and if any of those four above go or stay "too close to call". Any of those four stay that way, and it starts bad for Hill. California is almost the perfect scenario for Obama; if he loses the pop vote but splits delegates, but it's close, then he "closed the gap" on her huge, if he squeaks out the pop vote, then he "wins" even if the delegate split is the same as scenario 1. The only problem is if she does win the popular vote by 10 or more points, the question will be "why do poll takers lie about Obama?"; that would be bad.

Oh, and Josh, check this out, it's an article today about Clinton, where her aides say she a) wants a debate a week for the next month or two (not a good sign) and b)says if Obama doesn't win Mass and CA, it would be a huge disappointment. Didn't she have a huge lead in both states a week ago? Maybe those early exit polls haven't been so good.

Romney has one shot, CA. Simple prediction: Down goes Romney! And conservatives do hate him. I saw on Daily Kos that James Dobson said "If these are the nominees in November, I simply will not cast a ballot for president for the first time in my life. I am convinced Sen. McCain is not a conservative, and in fact, has gone out of his way to stick his thumb in the eyes of those who are."

So, lets see; Rush and the neocons hate McCain and Hillary. Dobson and the religious right hate McCain and Hillary. The webroots liberals hate Hillary and McCain. What's that you said, Mr. Bloomberg?

Bloomberg{Sounding very Mr. Burns-ish} "Excellent"

Roy said...

Forgot the link