Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The End Is Nigh

Look, I didn't watch anything tonight except for election coverage and I didn't get to do anything other than work during the day today, so deal with it! And tomorrow is a 13-hour-day, so I'm hoping to catch up on "Idol" by late tomorrow or Thursday.

Some quick links:
  • Hands-down, the moment of the night. The Clinton campaign finds out where they stand in the pecking order.
  • 16 years early, Bill Clinton showed his prophetic ability by endorsing the Obama campaign.
  • Roy brought this video to my attention, apropos to tonight's results. I love 1970s music videos, so here you go.
  • Finally, this has nothing to do with politics. Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic goes close to horizontal to win the 2008 dunk contest. Yeah, he sort of threw it in, but it's still insane.


angie said...

eh, maybe it needed to be seen live and not on a little tiny youtube screen, but I didn't think that not-quite-a-dunk was that exciting.

Elisha said...
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Elisha said...

I think what is funniest about the Hillary-to-Obama clip is the fact that Chris Matthews basically talks over her speech for a good 5-10 second before they quickly switch to him. I agree with Angie in that it isn't a huge slam dunk, but it definitely shows the shift going on with the Democratic nominees.

I think it also happened a couple of weeks ago (Super Tuesday, maybe?), when they made a quick switch from McCain, who isn't the most exciting speaker, to jump to Obama.

angie said...

Not really related to this post, but has anyone else seen the "greatest highlight" contest ESPN has going on right now? They came up with 100 and had web voters come up with a 16 highlight bracket. From there, highlights are competing one-on-one.

I find it amusing that most of the highlights are of the "wow, how'd he do that?!" or "that was fantastic!" variety. There is ONE highlight, however, that was of a mistake. Any guesses?? (Alas, it didn't make it to the round of eight.)


Josh said...

Hmm, was it a mistake that Steve doesn't believe actually happened??

As for the Howard dunk, I find it was amazing that he got so much air. There are some others I heard about that I couldn't find though, like one where Howard bounced it off the back of the backboard and dunked it.