Saturday, February 9, 2008

Pounding The Pavement for Change

The wife and I decided to go canvass for Sen. Obama today instead of passively participating in the process. The big surprise was that a photographer for the campaign asked if he could follow us for a bit. Here is the resulting article and slideshow on Obama's website. Notice my MSNBC plug; I did it purposefully, but had no idea it would actually get printed anywhere.

It's tiring but a ton of fun to go door-to-door. When you hear about "grassroots" or "the ground game," you get an appreciation for what that really means. T-minus-3 days until Chesapeake Tuesday and I feel good about the Old Line State.

  • If you weren't one of the ten people who watched the speeches at tonight's Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in Richmond, you missed a doozy. Clinton was good, if subdued, but Obama came out firing. With all of the victories tonight in his pocket by then, he was unusually aggressive and specific. It had some of the language from his Super Tuesday and stump speeches, but it was fiery and attacking. It felt much more like a convention speech than a stump one.
  • Not finished yet, but Huck slaughters McCain in Kansas and is leading (so it will be at least close) in Louisiana and Washington. If they hold, those results will be way more shocking than the Dem side tonight.
Daily Rant:
  • You always hear the question, "If you could have dinner with any one person, who would it be?" That answer for me is now clearly Mike Huckabee. I just love the guy to death. I troll the news channels on primary nights, hoping to see a live interview with him. I think it would be fascinating and entertaining to talk with him one-on-one. He's so open and clear about his opinions that it would lead to a great conversation. The problem, at least politically, is that I think a lot of his positions are absolutely insane, specifically when it comes to amending the Constitution. So I could never vote for the guy, but as inspiring as Obama is, I would much rather be in the company of Huck. It's a bit frustrating, but such is life.


angie said...

hmmm, I would have pegged you as a "Potomac Primary" as opposed to "Chesapeake Tuesday" kind of guy...

Josh said...

No way! As someone from Baltimore, I take offense to anything involving all of Maryland being called Potomac anything. I imagine people in Richmond or Norfolk would feel the same way. It's like when they call the Redskins vs. the Ravens the "Battle of the Beltway", when it should be "Beltways". Some guy on the radio this morning was saying that "Chesapeake" is a knock on DC, when in fact "Potomac" is just another attempt by DC to be more important than anything else in the area.