Friday, February 15, 2008

How I've Begun To Agree With Newt Gingrich, And Other Sad Musings

A questionable and very interesting move on "Survivor: Micronesia". More of the Clemens fall-out. Jane Fonda saying a no-no (REALLY NSFW!!!). But it's Valentine's Day, so I'm going to try to keep it short while digesting some great Melting Pot fare.

  • Mini-Rants:
    • I hope it's relatively apparent that I often overdo things on here. There's a need to spice it up a bit in order to have fun and make it entertaining. Hence, while I joke about separating the Blue states from the Red states, I don't really mean I want to be part of a different country (I do wish we could clean up Mississippi). So I joked a few days ago about being part of the "Elite" and Angie made a comment about whether or not Michigan was my kind of "Elite Blue" state. All of a sudden, this kind of talk has lost much of its humor. Hillary Clinton and strategist Mark Penn have been dead serious lately about why many of the states don't matter or are, in their words, "insignificant." Forget the argument about whether or not a big Obama win in Virginia or Colorado is more significant than one in New York because of its implications for November, this kind of talk is so horribly insulting to the people of Nebraska or Louisiana or Connecticut or Idaho that I can't believe she isn't taking more flak for it. How will she mend those bridges ever? Or maybe this is the real Elite and they just don't care. I defended Clinton politics for years in the '90s and I'm beginning to come around on that.
    • Quick note on the FISA vote in the Senate: The bill would grant telecoms immunity against lawsuits for spying on people without warrants and with no reason. Pretty sure that goes against the 4th Amendment. McCain voted for the immunity, no surprise, along with Dems like Harry Reid and Barbara Mikulski (they should be ashamed). Sen. Obama voted against immunity. But what, pray tell, did Sen. Clinton do? She was campaigning in the DC area, but skipped the vote. I've become so disgusted with her that I can barely even look at pictures of her anymore.
  • "Lost" Questions/Thoughts of the Week:
    • I missed Sayid. I feel like he was barely on last season.
    • If time is weird on the island, how long have they actually been there in real world terms? Think about what looked like ancient remains of a Dharma site in Africa.
    • I'm guessing that Jin and/or Sun make up at least one more of the Oceanic Six.
    • What was up with the bracelet on Ilsa's hand? Is that maybe something given to all of Ben's enemies on the outside?
    • The ending... While not a total surprise by that point, it was still kind of a WTF moment. I feel, and this is not a complaint, like I'm watching an entirely different show than I did last Spring. The fun is going to be in seeing how those two shows tie together.


Jaimie said...

Lost comment: Did you notice that the "girlfriend" chick that Sayid killed was also wearing the same/similar bracelet?

Josh said...

Totally. Has to be connected in some way, they wouldn't leave something like that as a coincidence.

Roy said...

So behind on Survivor: Micromachines, or whatever. I'll catch up at some point today.

I know you kid about the states. It's never really been my opinion, though. I've often said American is like 6 different countries, since behaviors, attitudes, and opinions are so different in the regions, but we are 'one' United States, strange as that sounds grammatically. The Clinton campaign comment disgusts me at my core. I've complained about this through two Bushes and a Clinton, that elected officials represent who elects them, but Presidents should be special and represent everyone, even those who opposed their election. It may be too naive, but it's how I feel.

Here is what really gets me. What pct of the American people know what FISA is, and that it's being debated? Compare that to what pct of American people know what baseball player was testifying before Congress this week?