Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wonk If You Love The Truth

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • Got home around 10:30 tonight, so still no "Idol". I heard who was good though, so I'll catch it tomorrow, I guess.
    • I did watch the view from the building I was in tonight. It's an 11th floor balcony that looks from a block away at the White House and the Washington Monument beyond it, with the Old Post Office and the Capitol to your left. Breath-taking, and more beautiful in tonight's faux snowstorm. I love D.C.
    • Reading, among other things, "Y: The Last Man" in graphic novel form that I've gotten from the library. It deals with the mysterious deaths of every male human and animal on the planet, except for one loser and his untrained sidekick monkey. Very funny and well-written, by Brian K. Vaughan (who writes for "Lost").
    • Bill O'Reilly needs to be fired. Now. There is no excuse for this type of statement.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • Funny one: One of Bawlmer's finest gets bored at the Harbor and decides to take himself a little too seriously. Life imitates art? Can't you see Herc doing this on "The Wire" (when he was still with the force)?
    • Nerdy one: Chris Matthews now famously berated an Obama supporter last night about any legislative accomplishments that the Senator might have and the guy -- and there's no defense for this, though he provides a good recounting -- couldn't answer. So the Clinton campaign (and very soon the McCain campaign) would like you to believe that it's because Obama hasn't actually accomplished anything. Problem is, that's really, really wrong. Witness this long piece from 2006, before Obama announced his candidacy, that discusses the wonk that Howard Wolfson would deny exists.
  • Your List Sucks!:
    • Top 5 Blogs I Read for Politics
      • 5. -- They're a little Clinton-happy for my liking, but they're coming around.
      • 4. Huffington Post -- Very good contributors and a central place for all kinds of news.
      • 3. The Daily Dish -- Conservative Andrew Sullivan is remarkably open-minded and always provides good source material.
      • 2. RCP Blog -- Good digest of articles from around the country with other unbiased opinion pieces. Plus, it's parent site, is the place to go for poll numbers and analysis.
      • 1. DailyKos -- This is the leading progressive site on the web with amazingly in-depth analysis on any number of issues. It doesn't hurt that it's become the leading pro-Obama blog.


angie said...

wow, you are REALLY challenging my efforts to not comment on politics online with this one.

Josh said...

I'm trying. :) I'm guessing it's the Obama thing and not the O'Reilly thing.*