Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Getting Hit Where It Hurts

An unexpected kick-in-the-groin moment came courtesy of my co-worker, Corey. Corey was walking around the office with about four or five empty, dirty tupperware containers. Our exchange was as follows:
Steve: You've got a lot of Tupperware there.
Corey: Yup. Sometimes it accumulates.
Steve: Marissa will do that sometimes. She will bring home two weeks worth of Tupperware at once...usually after we realize that we have none at home.
Corey: It sucks losing Tupperware
Steve: Yeah, I have a whole bunch of mis-matched pieces at home.
Corey: Sometimes I accumulate 18 pieces of Tupperware. I anticipate getting that 19th piece of Tupperware only to realize that it was shamefully lose. It definitely sucks to lose the big piece of Tupperware...The one that was the most special while everyone in America watched me lose it.
Steve (now getting the joke): 18-1...very funny...Eff you Corey. The Raiders have sucked for years.

I didn't see it coming at all.

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