Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tim Russert, Evil Megalomaniac

I wish I had watched something other than the debate tonight, but I didn't. Sen. Clinton lost a lot of the goodwill that she built up last Thursday. Anyways, here are some quick thoughts:
  • I'm not going to neuter these remarks by saying I'm biased because it doesn't matter -- Obama flatly trounced Clinton tonight. She looked flustered and angry, he looked presidential. This will be the last debate because she'll have to drop out next Wednesday.
  • Can we just have Keith Olbermann host everything by himself at this point? Maybe they can bring in Howard Fineman and Dana Milbank every so often. I'm sick of Chris Matthews' tendency to grab onto one point and not let go and I'm even more sick of the panelists acting gun-shy because one poll in New Hampshire was off (though not nearly as off as they pretend it was). Look, Obama is going to either win Texas or be close enough in both states that his delegate lead will be insurmountable. It's okay to have a freaking opinion and go out on a limb. That's what you're paid for. Only Pat Buchanan actually seems to understand this.
  • Tim Russert was beyond irresponsible in his hosting duties. He cut off Clinton too much, he misrepresented Obama's answer on public financing, he yelled way too much, and his insistence on reading Farrakhan's anti-Semitic language -- no matter how strongly Obama condemned the language -- was disgusting. Russert tried to make himself the story and that is the worst kind of journalism.
  • Finally, check out the tag line on this poll report. Yikes. (Thanks, Roy)

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