Friday, February 22, 2008

Lost: TV Show and Election

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • "Survivor" -- How did they not vote off Cirie? Everyone could see how full of herself she was getting. That's the problem with the whole Favorites tribe. They think they know so much, they're so arrogant, and it's made them into awful players. How they could possibly be so open about everything is beyond me.
    • "Lost" -- I say it was predictable. More later.
    • The debate -- Clinton really lifted herself up in my eyes at the end there. Of course, part of that is because I felt an "I'm about to concede" tone in there. I'm more convinced that this thing is over than I was at 9:00 this evening.
    • And she was dead right about the Surge. The original goal was to give the Iraqis security and help them to build their government. The administration has re-framed it as a success because violence has diminished, but the lack of a working Iraqi government means it's a failure, just like the rest of the war.
  • Random Thoughts/Links (Cheesy Political Music Video Edition):
  • "Lost" Questions/Thoughts of the Week:
    • Here's what I thought was predictable, and then on to the questions:
      • We have to know Ben has a ton of money by now, or is at least connected to someone who does.
      • At the end of last season, when Kate said to Jack, "He'll be wondering where I am," I always assumed it was a son. It being Sawyer would a) be too obvious and b) not make a ton of sense with what we know about Sawyer.
      • If we're assuming that Kate has a son, it just had to be Aaron. It just seemed to make the most sense, obviously more so when we found out tonight that she wasn't pregnant.
    • Who does Miles work for? Maybe Penny's father?
    • Does Aaron count as #5 of the Six?
    • Where are Richard and the Others?
    • I think the biggest shocker of the night; if the story is that only eight survived the crash, who are the two that died on the island?

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