Tuesday, February 12, 2008

You WANT me on that wall, you NEED me on that wall

Tomorrow begins the WWE Steel Cage match of Brian McNamee v. Roger Clemens. Two men enter, only one man (if that) will leave with his reputation intact. What once began as a public interest study on steroids in sports has now become a high profile case to determine which man is lying. Although I disagree with Congress playing the middle man on this, I am deeply intrigued with this case. I couldn't figure out why this was so. However, on my trip home from work today (see below), I figured it all out. The only reason why people care about this case is that there are no other well known court cases currently going on. No OJ trial, no Robert Blake, Anna Nicole Smith etc. With the TV strike still ongoing, people need the day-to-day drama that this case provides. This case has so many twists that Hollywood writers could not come up with a script this absurd without being laughed at. This once was a story based only on Brian McNamee's testimony but now has turned up unknown evidence like syringes and it could potentially include the testimony of Roger Clemens' wife. Stay tuned. The story is not even close to over.

When will people learn to drive in the rain? It took my almost 3 hours to get home tonight. I did the first 25 miles in 60 minutes (not so bad) and the last 2 miles in 120 minutes (very bad). I can't stand the *$&#%$*#$^@# , @!#holes who made the decision to close off the entire Springfield mixing bowl. I hate when you can walk faster than you can drive. This traffic would be understandable if there was 6 inches of snow, but the traffic due to rain drives me absolutely bonkers.

The new Mariah song, Tough Steve's Body, debuted this evening. My initial impression is that it is a little uneven but I could see it sticking in my head after hearing it a few dozen times.

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