Wednesday, December 26, 2007

...And They Are Indisputable

After five days in South Carolina, these are the facts:
  • South Carolina has Charleston to thank for not being in the bottom five states. Poor? Check. Uneducated? Check. Lots of Ron Paul signs? Check.
  • We're sitting in a movie theater on Christmas Eve at 1:05PM. Show starts at 1:10. A local further up in the theater asks why there aren't previews going on. (I can't believe I have to tell this story.) A friend explains that the previews come right before the movie at the start time. "So the previews start at 1:10?" the woman asks. Yikes, apparently the cinema is new to the Palmetto State.
  • If ignorance is bliss, does that mean that bliss is ignorance? Or, is there a corollary, that "perfect certainty" is also bliss? You can try to figure out why I was pondering this while watching "The 700 Club" on Christmas night. To be fair, many Orthodox Jews (the Lubavitch come to mind) are also very happy. Still the same point.
  • I tore through the "His Dark Materials" trilogy while away. Great stuff. Forgettable movie, but the really meaty stuff is in the second and third books anyway. It's like Chat Stew -- sooo meaty.
  • And Steve, "Brave New World" is one of my favorites. Same thing with me, it was just sitting around and I figured I should read it.
  • I'll return tomorrow with End-Of-The-Year-Awards.
  • I leave you with this picture I took in Charleston. I saw it while walking by and did a double-take. Nobody came in or went out while we were standing there, so no confirmation as to what it really is:

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