Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Larry Craig On Parade

Daily Wii Fitness Age: 21

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • There are five men who have come forward to say that they had affairs with Larry Craig. The one who lives in DC called in to Don and Mike today for an interesting impromptu conversation.
    • How about the "Heroes" finale? I called the big shocker ending about 5 seconds before it actually happened. It seemed obvious as soon as he stepped up. Great opening to Volume Three.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • Can't Larry Craig just be honest with everyone, including himself? His true sexuality is a fabulous pink elephant in the room.
    • I got Guitar Hero III for Chanukah. It rocks, big time.
    • So the intelligence report says that Iran, in fact, is not trying to get nuclear weapons. At least we have a government that listens to the true intelligence when making a decision about going to war. I want to move to Canada.
  • Your List Sucks!:
    • Top 5 News(-Related) Shows:
      • The Colbert Report (Comedy Central): Sure it's a one-note joke, but it's a really funny one.
      • The Daily Show (Comedy Central): Jon Stewart's earnestness gives him the edge over his protege. Poignant, but funny, with great interviews. It's the all-time standard for news comedy.
      • Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO): There are two rules to this list. Rule one: uncensored tops censored. Maher gets great guests to push their own limits. The result is always funny and fascinating.
      • Hardball (MSNBC): Rule two: serious news tops comedy. Chris Matthews is the quintessential host -- unapologetic, brutally honest, and terrifying to people from both sides of the aisle. Best of all, he's not afraid to make fun of anyone, including himself.
      • Countdown (MSNBC): Granted, I've been a Keith Olbermann fan since the Big Show on ESPN, but his mixture of disgust, humor, and righteousness make for a riveting show. It's on my DVR every night. It doesn't hurt that I pretty much agree 100% with his politics. Plus, he has Joel McHale (who makes Olbermann references on "The Soup") on once a week. Can't go wrong with that.

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