Monday, December 17, 2007

Survivor Wrap-Up

Well-done. The most deserving person from day one took home the big prize. Todd's answer to Jean-Robert (which was maybe the greatest Final Tribal Council answer ever) was only one part of a great Tribal Council strategy. I don't know how anyone didn't vote for him after the way he carried himself.

Did you catch the hidden Reunion Show moment? When Jeff asked Courtney about her Denise comment, Courtney gave Jeff the finger slyly. We rewound it and double-checked.

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Roy said...

It was a great episode. I loved the final tribal. Not only did I love that he was playing JR, but that everyone else was so amazed that he shut him up with his answer was high comedy. Since I was catching up on last Thurs plus both of Sundays at the same time, what killed me is that Denise didn't flip. I think, no matter what they say, Denise would have had a very live chance at a million. Didn't matter; as you said, Todd earned it.