Saturday, December 15, 2007

Attention: Best Picture Race Over

Daily Wii Fitness Age: 32 (my timing was horrible)

  • Saw the hands-down best movie of the year today. No Country For Old Men is truly film-making at its best. The cinematography, sound, color, angles; it's breath-taking (literally -- there were scenes that took my breath away) just on a technical level. Javier Bardem is a lock for an Oscar nomination as an unstoppable force of death. The story will have people thinking for a while (I saw it because a friend at work has been dying to have someone with which to talk about the film) and the ending has stirred controversy. With an admission that this is quite different from their usual fare, if you are a Coen Brothers fan, go see it.
  • There was a preview with the movie for Juno. Jason Bateman and Michael Cera in the same movie? Count me in. The Bluths live!
  • Horrendous NFL Picks (last week: 7-8, 0-1 on Thursday, 0-1 on Saturday, overall: 56-75-3):
  • Baltimore (-3) vs. Miami
  • Cleveland (-5.5) vs. Buffalo
  • Philadelphia (+10) vs. Dallas
  • Green Bay (-8) vs. St. Louis
  • Indianapolis (-10) vs. Oakland
  • New England (-21) vs. N.Y. Jets
  • New Orleans (-3.5) vs. Arizona
  • N.Y. Giants (-4.5) vs. Washington
  • Jacksonville (+3.5) vs. Pittsburgh
  • San Diego (-9.5) vs. Detroit
  • Seattle (-7.5) vs. Carolina
  • Tampa Bay (-12.5) vs. Atlanta
  • Kansas City (+3.5) vs. Tennessee
  • Minnesota (-10) vs. Chicago

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