Friday, December 7, 2007

The tribe has spoken

Now that Survivor is in its 14th (?) season, I feel the show is becoming far too predictable. Although the castaways in this season are particularly quirky, much of the game is very ordinary. Therefore, I present my solution to fixing Survivor.
1) Start with several smaller tribes - Instead of 2 tribes of 8 or 9 people, try 6 tribes of three people. This way, alliances can not be truly built until later in the game. Two tribes face tribla council each week until we are down to 1 person in a tribe.
2) You can't vote for the same person in two straight tribal councils. This will add a bit of strategy to the voting.
3) Don't merge tribes when there are 10 people remaining - It's far too predictable right now, to the point where players plan for it.
4) Let people raid the opponent's camp. I am not talking about just once but as long as there are multiple tribes, everything should be fair game. If one tribe has flint or a large supply of food, they should guard it 24-7. Or, if one tribe wins a challenge, they automatically get to steal something from the other tribe, such as another person or food or a tool.
5) The longer you stay in, the less vote you have of the final winner if you wind up on the jury. Therefore, the first juror has 7 votes, the second juror has 6 votes, etc. This would cause people to have to really consider who they vote for earlier in the game because it could come back to haunt them later. It would also break up block alliances from advancing far into the game.
6) Revise all of the individual challenges - They are stale. Every year there is an obstacle course. Every year there is a endurance test where they have to stand somewhere or hold something. Get more creative. If you are in China, do some sort of Martial Arts competition or play ping pong. If you are on an island, the most fish caught may be the winner.

This is just a short list but other suggestions are welcome.

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