Sunday, December 2, 2007

Parity = Mediocrity

Daily Wii Fitness Age: 27

Driving around, running some errands today, I was listening to Fox Sports Radio's NFL show. Talking about the early games, one of them mentioned that they were seeing a lot of mediocrity. They sounded surprised; that's been the case all year. A bunch of 5-7 teams are still in the playoff hunt in the NFC.

If you were affiliated with a party that bashed our last President because he had an affair with an intern and may have been involved with a shady land deal, would you nominate a candidate who:
  1. Had an affair while married and in office;
  2. Hid the security charges for said affair in little-looked-at budget items;
  3. Hired a police chief that is now under major ethics investigation;
  4. Stood behind said police chief even though he had an affair in your security office;
  5. Allowed said security office to stay in a known terrorist target, hampering potential response when the target was attacked and the office was destroyed;
  6. Routinely exaggerated/made up statistics and stories about their previous posts?
I wouldn't either. I honestly think Huckabee is going to win the nomination.

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