Friday, December 21, 2007

Random Friday Stuff

  • Huckabee's Christmas ad may have been quite over-religious, but at least it's not kind of creepy like Rudy's.
  • You must see this week's "The Soup" as they count down #40-21 of the best clips of the year. If you have followed this blog, you'll understand why the last five minutes may be the funniest five minutes of TV this year, with no doubt the coolest cameo of the year.
  • You know, when you go to Cold Stone and they won't mix crap in with your ice cream, it's really not even as good as some random ice cream from the grocery store. It's all about wasted expectations.
  • If you didn't see Thursday's "Countdown", you can basically see it with the first five videos on this page. It was a retrospective of all of the "Oddball Plays of the Month" for the year. Very funny stuff.
  • I'll drop at least my NFL picks tomorrow morning, but then Random Babbles may be going on a temporary hiatus. I'll be in South Carolina until Wednesday and it's quite possible that Al Gore hasn't introduced the Internets to that part of the world yet.

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