Thursday, January 31, 2008

11, 6, And The Usuals

Day 11 of 12 in the books. Today is all about numbers like that, but more so 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.

Indeed, tonight was the Season Premiere of "Lost" and if you haven't yet seen it, stop reading here. We watched last season's finale, the Season Three Recap, and the new episode, all in a row. So after having suffered through Charlie's death at least five times tonight, here are the questions/observations, since there definitely weren't many answers:
  • Hurley mentioned "the Oceanic Six". So we have him, Jack, and Kate. Who are the other three?
  • How about (now) Deputy Ops Daniels showing up as super-evil Others guy? He was creepy as hell.
  • We know that last year's flash-forward happened a considerable amount of time after Jack and company got back to L.A. I think we could have guessed that anyways, by the technology and the length of his beard.
  • Why do the boat people just strike me wrong in some way? And not because they're "not Penny's boat;" I feel like they're sort of young or unprofessional.
  • Of course, the two huge questions:
    • How, by the way, did Locke know what Charlie said about "not Penny's boat?" He wasn't on the beach when Desmond reported back and the beach crew never radioed Jack.
    • Who's eye was that in Jacob's house??? (And how could Hurley see Jacob?) My guess: Jack's father. The actor was, in fact, in the credits and I feel like the Christian Shepherd as Jacob theory has some legs.


Seth said...

It most definitely is Christian in the rocking chair.

Another big question is, if Christian/Jacob is in the rocking chair than who is looking out the window? People are speculating that it's Jack.

screen caps

Josh said...

Maybe Desmond, if not Jack?