Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho

11:30 PM and I've finally finished Day Four of 12 straight days. Right now, most of what's in my head is work statistics. I did happen to watch "American Idol" and the movie The Kingdom tonight. Kind of half-watching "Project Runway" right now.

  • "American Idol" -- One of the worst groups of talent tonight ever. I didn't love anyone, although the brother and sister team were funny. I'm sure I'll root for them in Hollywood. We did finally get a glimpse of the classic Simon tonight. He's been so nice this year, but we did get some good faces and mean words. Simon Face of the Night: When the girl talked about abstinence, you had to isolate on Simon. He turned towards Randy with a look of horror and then started chuckling. We rewound and watched it twice.
  • So far my favorites are the girl who hasn't seen an R-rated movie and the 16-year-old who had vocal paralysis.
  • The Kingdom -- I think I'd compare this movie favorably to a movie like The Recruit. It's well-shot and there are good performances from Jamie Foxx and Jason Bateman. Chris Cooper is sadly underused. The movie is fairly formulaic and the ending is trying to teach the same old lesson about the cycle of violence, but the action scenes are exciting (one scene brings to mind the ambush from Clear and Present Danger). Worth putting on your queue for when you're in the mood for a decent action flick.

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I don't remember which post this is actually in response to, but Steve, look! Your dream come true:

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