Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Principles Are Principles, No Matter The Party

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • Got home in time to only basically see the last couple of speeches tonight.
    • Romney is obviously trying to be the Republican Obama. He's talking about himself as the candidate of change and how it's important that the citizens take back Washington. The problem is that his speeches are to Obama's like a Mormon service is to an AME one (I haven't ever been to a Mormon service, but I imagine there isn't much excitement to it). When Obama "preaches", the crowd is rarely silent, calling out and cheering constantly. During Mitt's speech tonight, the crowd very stiffly called out quietly some stupid tag line while the candidate very stiffly looked out over them.
    • Meanwhile, not since Glass Joe and Soda Popinski has a guy named Mac sliced through evil white guys with such power. But have you seen any of his speeches? He may be the worst public speaker I've ever seen at that level. It's hard to imagine getting a big bump out of the convention with this kind of presence. Tonight, the teleprompter was located just above the camera. How do I know? Because he STARED AT IT THE ENTIRE TIME. He's so bad that it's disconcerting.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • Did even MC Hammer squander his millions of dollars as completely and fruitlessly as Giuliani did? Can't wait to hear Ehrlich try to explain this one away on the Junkies.
    • I refuse to believe that Jennifer Connelly and Scarlett Johansson are actually Jewish (they both have Jewish mothers). Understandably, there are not too many Jewish women with shiksa appeal. Just leaving it there before I get in lots and lots of trouble.
    • Trying to find a photo from the Romney speech tonight -- every guy behind him seriously looked like a serial killer. I'll keep looking.
  • Daily Rant:
    • Got in an argument today with someone I know who is vehemently pro-Hillary. She said that the only thing Obama is famous for is one great speech at the 2004 convention which she dismissed with a "BFD." She said that he's only smoke and mirrors while Hillary has experience. I'm supporting Obama because I want something as different from what's been in the White House recently as possible. I find it hard to want an America where either a Clinton or Bush has been in the Executive Branch for 36 of the 240 years of the country's history (assuming whoever wins this year stays through to 2016). That doesn't sound like an America for, of, or by The People. The "truth", if there is one, is somewhere in the middle, I'm sure. The argument started though when I said that I couldn't support Clinton after Bill's Jesse Jackson comment on Saturday. The Clinton-supporter dismissed Bill's remarks comparing Obama to Jesse as nothing. Here's the problem though, politics are politics and you have to know that people will find a way to skew anything you say. So why would Clinton say something that could so easily be skewed to show that he's dismissing Obama as "just another Black candidate with no real chance to win". Just the fact that anyone, me included, felt that away lends that view credence. Perception is everything, after all. And can I really support someone, at any time, who I even think may be using race to take down the first legitimate African-American candidate ever? Forget legitimacy, can I support someone who I feel may be using race (or gender, or sexual orientation, or religion, etc.) to take down anyone? So I decided in the wake of Bill's comments (and the Clintons' delay in shutting down Bob Johnson after he may have -- unthinkingly -- appealed to some latent racism by painting Obama as a teen druggie) that for the first time, I couldn't 100% say that I would vote for Hillary if she got the nomination. Maybe 1% of me was leaning towards McCain, because he's been at least honorable so far. For me, that's saying a heck of a lot. But, wait, Giuliani is dropping out of the race tomorrow and endorsing McCain? Ok, forget him. But maybe I wouldn't be so upset if Mike Bloomberg decided to run...


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