Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hail, Hail, The Genghis Here

Had a really, really busy day at work with no chance to find out about news. Then came home and worked until I went out all night. So, other than commenting on the Obama and Clinton speeches from last night -- which I don't feel like doing, so deal with it -- I have nothing to write about besides Mongolian Barbeque.

Who doesn't love ethnic food? It's great to hearken back to the days of the Khans (not the Ricardo Montalban type) when they would celebrate their own Memorial Day by firing up the grill and cooking some burgers! And the Mongolian ribs? They were sure to bring on the Mongolian Itis. Whole societies were spared because the hordes were sleeping the food off. This is actually where the term "spare ribs" comes from.

Pay no attention to the fact that Mongolian Barbeque is actually, like most of our favorite toys, made in Taiwan. But would you rather eat the real thing -- Khorkhog, a Mongolian goat stew cooked over heated rocks? Like our Chinese food that doesn't involve duck feet, we'd rather eat safe ethnic food. We're cool with other cultures as long as there is as little risk as possible. Call it the culinary Sinbad.

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