Sunday, January 20, 2008

U-p-g-r-a-y-e-d-d (giving you a double dose)

There are many things in the world that I just don't get.
1) If a dish washer can both wash and dry dishes, why must I still move my clothing from a washer to a dryer? Seems like a step that I should be able to skip over by now. Perhaps this has already been invented and utilized in Europe or Japan but perhaps not. Since you have nothing else to do, why don't you get on this, Mr. Maytag repairman.
2) Why is "Deal or No Deal" still on the air? It's as if the people from Idiocracy have already taken over. Don't get me wrong, I love dumb shows and movies but this one just takes the cake for mindless. On a related note, since it looks like the strike will be prolonged, how come the networks have not pulled some old game shows out of retirement? I would guess the ratings on Sale of the Century and Classic Concentration would be through the roof as compared to seeing an episode of The Office for the 4th time.
3) What's the deal with the people advertising apartment rentals or tax services by flipping oversized arrows in a hyped up manner? This tactic can't bring in the best and the brightest. Does it have any impact on sales at all? Plus, I feel bad for the people who have to do this for hours on end in the cold weather. I don't really think this job is worth the $7 an hour.
4) If Maryland hoops can beat North Carolina in Chapel Hill, what the heck happened against American in College Park? Seems like Gary can only motivate the team when the team wants to be motivated.

Speaking of college hoops, I haven't watched more than 30 minutes of college hoops all season. Between football and pro hoops, my sports mind is currently full. I know UNC is good and I know Georgetown is good. Otherwise, I can't name any other teams in the Top 10. I am hoping that when the March Madness pools start getting filled out, I will be able to dominate the pools based on a lack of knowledge. I got the idea from the SNL skit with Peyton Manning where the office secretary had a perfect score through the second round based on picking teams that used her favorite color or shared a name with a college roommate. I am going to stop using my instinct when I make my selections and use the karma of Phil's mom. On a related note, Tony Kornheiser returns to radio Monday. I can't wait. He is absolutely the best show on free radio.

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