Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Music: Nasty, Bad, and Worse

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • Listened to a lot of radio this evening, with long drives to B-more and back. The last song I heard before getting out of the car at home will stick in my head for a while -- "Nasty Boys" by Janet. I can call her that, I'm not that nasty.
    • I made a statement during the drive that "Love Me Two Times" is as close as a group of white guys can get to Muddy Waters. Maybe Stevie Ray Vaughn would have something to say to that (if he was alive), but I think it's pretty close.
    • "American Idol" is back and I'm sure I'll be hitting it more on here as time goes. As disenchanted as I was last season, I am pretty psyched about hearing Simon do his thing. Schadenfreude, baby.
    • Simon's Willem Dafoe line was a classic.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • The first episode of "Idol" dealt with Philadelphia auditions. Why is the guy who plays Ben Franklin everywhere? If the spectrum of Philly representatives peaks at Rocky, I'm putting Faux-Franklin closer to Eric Lindros.
    • I had a conversation a while back with some friends about the best movies of a given decade. Was thinking about it today; here's what comes to mind:
      • 1960s: In The Heat of the Night
      • 1970s: The Godfather
      • 1980s: Platoon
      • 1990s: Schindler's List
      • 2000s: Gladiator
  • Daily Rant:
    • I feel like I had something to rant about, but then I started writing while I was watching "American Idol" and the bad singing fried my brains. I can't remember anything, so I'll try to do better tomorrow. I won't even rant about how the contestants come specifically to overact and get famous for being bad and how the producers buy into that because it gives them good promo material. It's the problem with the show -- it's not close to genuine until they get to the semi-finalists, but when they have the talent level they had last year... You end up despising it by the end.


Angie said...

Two things -- first, Gladiator?? Really??? Yuck, I hated that movie, thought it was awful!
Second, is it just me or do an awful lot of the bad auditions they're showing this year on Idol seem to be people with something physically/mentally/emotionally wrong with them at least a little bit? Which may explain why the judges haven't been nearly as nasty about it as I remember from previous seasons. Or maybe it's just my fuzzy rabbit-eared picture.

Steve said...

Gladiator for best of the 2000's? Have you forgotten that Glitter came out in 2001?