Monday, January 21, 2008

Where Alice got her meat

Allan Melvin passed away last week. His name would probably mean nothing to most people until you learn that he was Sam the Butcher on The Brady Bunch. It's sad when actors in shows I watched as a kid are starting to die. The surprising thing is that he was only in 4 episodes. I feel like he was the only regular non Brady (other than Alice, of course). But to be in only 4 out of 72 episodes is basically nothing.
Speaking of The Brady Bunch, Sunday Morning Countdown did a spoof on E True Hollywood Story. They called it the Espn True Hollywood Story. Basically the story is that Tom Brady is the bastard child of the Brady's. They actually got Barry Williams, Mike Lookiland and Christopher Knight to discuss how Joe Namath was on the set to scout Tom and it was Tom's errant throw that broke Marcia's nose. It was the most clever segment I have ever seen on ESPN. I am hoping they would post it on their website so I can link to it, but as of tonight, I can't find it.

Classic literature book report time: January's selections.
  • In Cold Blood, by Truman Capote, was a good read. However, I must say, Capote overuses the comma, a vice which takes getting used to, for some, that is. If he, therefore, could convey an image, one would think, without using so much punctuation, the book could be, at a minimum, 20 pages shorter.
  • Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse (through page 90) - Worst book ever. I guess I just don't get it yet. I am debating whether to put it back on the shelf but I have already committed too much time.

My radio schedule is totally in flux now that Big O and Chad Dukes are moving to daytime. I think I will be spending more time at the office playing with my radio than actually doing work.

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