Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend Recap

Thanks to a busy weekend and the NFC Championship going so late, I didn't accomplish a good deal of what I wanted to this weekend. However, it was chock full of stuff, so here are some random babbles from the past couple of days:
  • It looks like McCain is the real front-runner. I'm legitimately happy. I'll take him over any of the other GOP candidates in a second, especially after Huckabee followed up his Constitution nonsense with support of people's "right" to fly the Confederate flag and then pulled a Santorum by tacitly comparing gay marriage to pedophilia and bestiality.
  • Still a mess on the Dem side, though I'm getting the feeling that it's Hillary's nomination to lose.
  • Watched The Ten on DVD. It's not nearly as funny as Wet Hot American Summer (how many movies are?), but it has its moments. I especially enjoyed the Y Tu Mama Tambien spoof about Jesus procrastinating on the Rapture.
  • Went to visit my grandmother at her very large retirement community this morning. I learned that there is a retirement community Walk of Shame, as some seniors walk back to their own apartments in the morning. I think I literally doubled over in laughter.
  • I have a very sick feeling that the Giants will get massacred in two weeks. Of course I thought that would happen today too. We get a real Super Bowl of Manning vs. Brady. Here's hoping that Eli channels his brother.
  • Congrats to the very chill TK and Rachel on their "Amazing Race" win. One question: how did they get through all of those airports without their weed being found?
  • And finally... Some serious s*** is going down on "The Wire". Bunk and Jimmy fighting, Lester going nuts, Cedric actually appearing on the show. But the Butchie stuff? Man, just rough to watch... It's going to be fun to see everyone's favorite trenchcoat-wearing, shotgun-toting stickup man bring the war right to Marlo. Fearless Prediction: This is not going to end well for Michael, unfortunately.

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