Saturday, January 5, 2008

An Evening of Matchups

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • "The Soup" last night finished their countdown of the top clips of the year. #1 was funny and I enjoyed the cameo by not-gay, not-dead, not-Chad, but my favorite may have been #10. That was the one from "Real World: Australia" that finished with, "This was a good talk. Good talk." That just kills me for some reason.
    • I haven't seen a whole lot of the Jaguars on TV this year. David Garrard is a man. That run was the stuff of legends.
    • In "Gentleman of the Road", Michael Chabon has a great Afterword that discusses the adventuresome nature of Jews. Very funny.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • Now the Bolts need to win tomorrow so Jacksonville can go to New England for the game we've all been waiting for (well, other than the Indy-New England one).
    • I'm not unhappy with the outcome of the Skins-Seahawks game. Washington-Dallas would have been great, but so will Seattle-Green Bay. However, I will say that I didn't get so worked up for the game. Not much juice in the NFC playoffs for me with the winner not having a shot in hell against the AFC winner.
    • What is Roger Clemens hoping to accomplish with his "60 Minutes" interview tomorrow? Just hide out for the next five years until your induction ceremony.
  • Daily Rant:
    • Did a lot of flipping between the football games and the New Hampshire debates. They're both contests -- I get as much competitive juice from the politics as from the sports, and obviously one is much more important than the other. The irony tonight is that the early debate would have gone better with the last game and vice versa. The Republicans were so contentious; it was delightful. Condescending Old Man McCain, "Let me see how many times I can say 9/11 and/or Ronald Reagan" Giuliani, and Mitt "The Target" Romney. They picked on Mitt pretty badly tonight. If I were a Republican, I'd be pretty unhappy with my choices unless I was an Evangelical -- Huckabee continues to impress. Similarly, the Jags and Steelers went at each other. Tons of fights and trash-talking. The Redskins and Seahawks seemed to have mutual respect. So did the Dems, who jokingly teased each other a little, but mostly were in great spirits. This is why I'm hoping for a two-person race into Super Tuesday (and maybe beyond?) for at least one of the nominations. When we get into the post-Super Bowl, pre-NCAAs doldrums in February, it would be nice to have some way to get our competition fix.

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