Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sure Happy It's Thursday

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • Lots of stuff to get to on a TV-busy Thursday night.
    • One of the funniest episodes of "Earl" this season. DILF? "Is that what daddies do when mommies are away?"
    • Have to spend more time on "Survivor" than anything else. It's hard to believe that the season was boring three weeks ago. It is absolutely fantastic at this point.
    • Parvati is playing one of the best games I've ever seen anyone play. The social aspect of her game may be the best. The other greats (Richard, Tom, Boston Rob on "All-Stars") were all dominant through pure power.
    • I certainly didn't think I'd be rooting for Amanda and Parvati at any point, but sure enough I was doing just that tonight. That tribal council -- and their performance specifically -- was so awesome on so many levels.
    • And James walking in with an IV? He reached a whole new level of bad-assedness.
    • "Grey's Anatomy": Not a big fan of Ava coming in with the whole pregnant thing. Unnecessarily soap opera-y. The overdramatic HIV thing was a little much, too. They crammed a hell of a lot into this one. Still a ton of better moments than almost any episode last season.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • Take a break from the TV stuff for a second for a couple of sobering things today. Today was the commemoration (moved for a religious reason) of Yom HaShoah, the Israeli holiday in memory of those who were killed in the Holocaust. It's also observed in the United States, with a ceremony at the Capitol today.
    • Holy cow. I don't know what else to say. Shocking, shocking news.
    • Today is also the fifth anniversary of the "Mission Accomplished" banner. Man, I miss "Arrested Development"...
    • On a lighter note, I saved myself much ridicule while watching "Grey's". When the HIV-positive mother told Izzy that she immediately wanted an abortion, I argued, "But we learned on 'Idol Gives Back' that there are drugs that significantly decrease the risk of passing the virus to the baby!" My wife started to go off on me because of how much I had ranted about the charity extravaganza. Luckily, I realized that we actually learned it on "Survivor: Africa", which we watched recently. Whew.
  • "Lost" Comments/Questions of the Week:
    • My wife squealed happily when Jack kissed Kate at the beginning. She also pointed out that if Jack and Kate were together, Jack was actually taking care of his nephew.
    • So Rousseau is actually dead? I never really believed it.
    • On a related note, the whispers must then be the sounds of ghosts. I don't think that's a huge revelation, but it was up in the air.
    • If the island heals people (Ben aside, of course), why did Jack get sick? (I want to note that I wrote this before Rose asked the exact same question on the show.)
    • "Where do you suppose the power comes from?" "Add that one to the list, Dan." I liked that.
    • Now the game is all about how long into the future the flash-forwards are.
    • Our good friend Christian is back. I'm thinking we'll be seeing a lot more of him, what with Locke and Ben searching for Jacob.


angie said...

What a night for Detroit sports! The Tigers sweep the series with the Yankees in New York. The Pistons crush the 76ers to clinch the first round series. And the Red Wings just demolish the Avs in a sweep of the second round series! (the Avs didn't even outscore our one player for the series--he had two hat tricks in the series, one of which came in the second period of the game last night)


Josh said...

I have a co-worker from Michigan and I mentioned what you wrote. He was quite excited about the Wings.