Sunday, May 11, 2008

The stars at night are big and bright...

...(clap, clap, clap, clap) deep in the heart of Texas.

A few observations from a few days vacationing in Texas.
1) Everything in the city of Austin is named after LBJ or Mrs. LBJ. I think it is required by law.
2) The Alamo is the most over-rated tourist destination in the United States.
3) Other than a few square blocks downtown around the River Walk, the city of San Antonio is really down in the dumps. Real estate is dirt cheap.
4) One of the baseball players on the AA-level Midland Rockhounds, James Simmons, will be a star in the majors, guaranteed. Even though he was drafted only last year, I feel quite confident that he will make the majors before fellow prospect Ashley Hogan.
5) Valuable advice for everyone when putting suntan lotion on your legs. If you change into shorter shorts later in the day (or in this case a shorter bathing suit), you need to put on more sunblock or you will get VERY BADLY BURNED.
6) It is fascinating how even though you don't talk to a former roommate for 10 years, you still share a special bond with that person that makes it seem like no time has passed in between conversations.
7) Texas cuisine consists of the following: TexMex, German-Mexican, Italian-Mexican, Baja-Mexican, Southern-Mexican and the ever popular Mexican Mexican. (full disclosure: that was not my joke but I thought it was pretty funny).
8) Keeping track of the television schedule on Central Time is a pain the butt. The Daily Show is on at 10PM, not 11PM.
9) Life is different in Texas. We walked in to the State Capital in Austin. There were no medal detectors, no bag checks, not even a security guard posted at the door. It's like DC pre-9/11.
10) I don't want to go back to work tomorrow.

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angie said...

Dude, were you down there for Jenna's wedding? How'd you manage that invitation??

BTW, although I understand what you meant, there were in fact metal detectors and police officers posted at the doors of the U.S. Capitol even pre-9/11.