Sunday, May 25, 2008

Week In Review

Random bests from the past seven days:

  • Movie of the Week: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls. I'll loosen up a little from my original review and say that it's great. I very, very much enjoyed it and I thought the ending was philosophically challenging. If you've seen it, drop me a line and I'll spew my theory on why I was so intrigued by it.
  • TV Show of the Week: "American Idol". Good season finales of "Grey's Anatomy" and "House", but "Idol" takes the cake with its big extravaganza.
  • Athlete of the Week: Jon Lester. Monday night's no-no was just another feather in his tremendous comeback's cap.
  • Video of the Week: Lord, I hesitate to even link to this, but a friend sent this video in horror after it was forwarded to her in seriousness by a family member. So here are some lies and racism about Obama.
  • Sign That The Primary Season Is Really Over of the Week: How about the fact that Obama didn't jump on Clinton after the RFK remark?
  • Food of the Week: Magnolia cupcakes. When something is considered the best, you know it's good. They are ridiculous and you have to wait in line for like 20 minutes to get them. As a tribute, here are Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell as they hit Magnolia on the way to the movie theater.
  • Person of the Week: David Cook, of course. He was not hurt by the video (at 1:17) of him trying to get Seacrest to say, "Chicks, man."
  • Disappointment of the Week: The Cry-Baby show was decent. Catchy music (written by Adam Schlesinger, the lead singer of Fountains of Wayne, who wrote, among others, "Stacy's Mom" and "That Thing You Do") and good choreography. But the big thing was that the movie took place at my middle school and they eliminated any Franklin references from the musical. So, boo.
  • Coming Attractions for Next Week: Settlement on Tuesday. Big work event next Sunday (you should come if you want to see Regina Spektor for free -- it's on the Mall at noon).

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