Monday, May 5, 2008

As Tatooine Goes, So Goes The Nation

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • Finally caught last week's "CSI:". The weirdest moment was also the coolest. Nick is doing a test, succeeds, then looks over to the window where Jamie and Adam from "Mythbusters" are standing and then he gives them a thumbs up. No dialogue, no other acknowledgement of their presence.
    • Nice little nod on "House" to the fact that the show isn't realistic and doesn't need to be. Also, notice how Cameron and Chase are slowly getting more and more screen time each week.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • Had chinese food tonight and my fortune was: "You are surrounded by true friends." This immediately proved to be untrue when my dog, sitting next to me, lunged for the cookie.
    • And finally, after months and months and months (okay, only four, but it seems like twenty), we have the greatest YouTube video of the 2008 campaign!
  • Daily Rant:
    • For a reason that nobody can guess, Tony Kornheiser's radio show is on the same station as Bill O'Reilly's and Glenn Beck's. The same Glenn Beck I listened to growing up when he was part of the cheesy and Don and Mike rip-off Glenn Beck And The Morning Guys on B104 in Baltimore. But I digress. Most days that I drive, I'm listening to Mr. Tony when I get to work and so when I jump in the car in the afternoon, Beck is on. I usually listen to a couple of seconds, just to see what the enemy is saying. The other day he spent his whole show playing one of Jeremiah Wright's most inflamatory sermons. Today, I got in and he was talking about driving an SUV around New York with dead liberals in his trunk. Since he's picking on a minority of Wright's sermons (and frankly, the one Beck was playing about how the USA used its political capital from 9/11 to wrongly attack Iraq and sacrifice our troops is not something I wholly disagree with), I'll pick on a minority of Beck's words. Of course, he'll make a ton of money with a Democrat in the White House to complain about.

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angie said...

You're thinking about this all wrong -- your dog was proving his "true friend"ness by willingly sacrificing his health to save you from empty calories and unnecessary carbs! Or something like that...