Tuesday, May 20, 2008

David Archuleta Wins The Majority Of Pledged Judges

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • Olbermann put out a great question to think about in the bit of coverage that I watched while waiting for Obama to speak: Which Kennedy brother has had the longest impact on America? There probably isn't a right answer.
    • The speech, by the way, was a call back to his great ones from early in the season. I don't know if it's because it had been a while since I've seen him speak, especially compared to the maybe four or five a week I'd see back in early February, but I found myself getting a lot more worked up than I have in a while. I won't give tonight, because we gave a couple of weeks ago, but that won't be the last time we give this year by a long shot.
    • Watched Temple of Doom tonight as I continue to get psyched for the new movie on Thursday. As I've gotten older and seen more films, I've become much more aware of style in movie-making and I'm pretty blown away by how classic Spielberg made those films seem. Lucas was shooting for some kind of serial feel and the colors, music, and types of cameras that Spielberg used really make them feel like they were made in the '40s or '50s.
    • I'll probably suck it up and do some sort of running diary of the "American Idol" finale tomorrow night. Yay.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • One of my co-workers, in trying to prove that there are still worthwhile videos on "America's Funniest Home Videos", sent me a link to this one. I admit, it's really funny.
    • Yeah, I may hit Target at about 7:45 tomorrow morning to see if I can grab a Wii Fit. I actually do have a reason why I need to be out that early anyway.
    • Remember how we (not all of us, but you know) used to worry that the superdelegates would steal the nomination for Clinton? Seems so stupid and paranoid now.
    • Did you know that Obama's speechwriter's name is Jon Favreau, but it's not the same Jon Favreau? How weird is that?
  • Ranking The "Idol" Performances (and some Random "Idol" Thoughts):
    • This seriously has to be the best Top Two they've ever had, right? I've only watched the last three seasons.
    • Why do the songwriter contest songs suck so much every year, to the point where both Simon and Randy talk about how bad they are?
    • Which is the better Archuleta facial look? The one when he sings when he has the same head nod and squinty eyes that the President uses when he says a big word? Or the one he gave tonight when complemented, where he honestly looked like he wanted to make out with Simon?
    • I thought David Cook made a huge error in not singing "Hello" with his last song, or anything a little heavier. The Collective Soul song was just too slow.
    • So after all this time, we go to the judges' scorecards (to continue the metaphor). The judge from England scores it 30-27. The judge from Journey scores it 30-27. And I score it 30-27, all for the winner by unanimous decision: David "Babyface" Archuleta. He absolutely blew Cook off the stage. No suspense tomorrow night.

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