Thursday, May 8, 2008

Erik Looked More Lost Than The Oceanic Six

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • There seems to be one great line each week lately in "My Name Is Earl". This week's? "Earl Hickey is going to bag? Earl Hickey is going to bag!" A well-placed Karate Kid reference is the way to my heart.
    • There were some dumb guys this season on "Survivor", but this takes the cake. One would think that Amanda was using sex appeal to get into Erik's head, but it's hard to imagine being attracted to a skeleton.
    • I'm glad James said something after the vote, because all of the argument over which move was dumber between James' last season and Ozzy's this season is moot. That was so moronic that it made me sick to my stomach. Probst always finds the perfect words: "Consider that a life lesson."
    • Has to be either Amanda or Parvati, right?
    • Nice move by "Grey's" to play off of the unbelievable amount of affairs between doctors at the hospital. I've said from the start: in real life, all of these doctors except for Bailey would have been fired about two episodes into the show's run. Of course, that would have made for a boring show. At least, they haven't been held hostage approximately 73 times, like the doctors on "ER". You'd think they'd boost security a little.
    • Nice job by the "Two And A Half Men" writers on this week's "CSI:". You can't go wrong with Rachael Harris and Diedrich Bader in the same show.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • I seriously think I hate this blog entry more than anything else I've ever read in my life. I don't know if it's her calling him "JC", talking about how great he was throughout the season, or referring to the show as "AmIdol". Actually, it's mostly the "AmIdol" thing.
    • Apparently a bunch of people who think they look like Amanda from "Survivor" got together to do a line dance. This is what came of it.
    • This is a great opinion piece from a few days ago; it defines exactly why I decided Obama's candidacy was so important.
  • "Lost" Comments/Questions of the Week:
    • Notice that the doctor was still alive on the boat when the chopper carrying the soldiers got there? This is at least a few hours after his dead body washed up on shore.
    • I was kind of missing Richard; the Others hadn't been around since the end of last season.
    • It occurs to me that just like Ben got off the island, Desmond could as well. Since he wasn't on 815, he could have escaped and not been celebrated like the rest.
    • Things and people from the survivors' lives before the crash have shown up on the island, but I think this is the first time that something/someone from the island has shown up in their pre-crash lives.
    • Similarly, this is the first time, with the recruiter (Cedric!) convincing John to go to Australia, that we've seen the island seem to manuever to get one of the survivors there.
    • Why is it that when Farraday ran his tests and had the boat fire whatever it was at the island, the projectile took longer than you would think to get there, but when the doctor died, his body showed up way earlier?
    • So we get payoff on Christian's body disappearing in the first handful of episodes of the first season, but it still leads to a lot more questions.
    • Is Claire dead? I don't think so, but...
    • Definitely not expecting that last line. Not even sure what to say about it.

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Marissa said...

My Lost Observation of the week:

Ben kept going on about how he's no longer supposed to be the leader, because of the cancer on his spine, while meanwhile Locke got "better" and is having visions and dreams - implying that the Island has chosen Locke to be the new leader of the Island.

In last week's episode, Rose made the observation that she thought it was unusual for Jack to get sick, just right then. When Bernard asked if she thought that Jack had somehow "offended the gods" and that people "just get sick" she said "Not here - Here, people get better, they don't get sick".

So could it be that the island has actually "spoken" and chosen Locke over Jack.