Thursday, May 29, 2008

You'll Have To Bring Him, Too

  • With the big season finale, I'm going to stick just to this tonight. I'm holding off on typing questions as they come up for the most part, since I figure a good number of them will be answered or changed by the end of the episode, but here's what I have:
    • Didn't quite expect the flash forward to start the way it did... Great beginning, playing off of the last season finale.
    • Walt's looking a little old.
    • Alright, we know that Sawyer wasn't in the box. Or Michael.
    • "Dr. Marvin Hallowax" on the Orchid video seemed to be pre-stroke. If you remember, in at least one of the other videos, his arm didn't work and his mouth was drooped. Also, I think it's the first Dharma video that had someone else in it.
    • With Sawyer on the chopper, heading for the boat, is it any coincidence that it was he, Jin, and Michael who were on the raft at the end of Season 1, when Tom and the Others kidnapped Walt? Those would be the only 815 survivors off the island besides the Oceanic Six.
    • I feel like I heard Sawyer whisper, "daughter," into Kate's ear before he jumped, but that could be because I was thinking it's what he might say.
    • No time difference between when Keamy (the soldier) died and when the red light turned on on the freighter.
    • Pretty cool how Christian, Jacob/the Island's emmisary, set Michael free to die. But we know that Jin isn't one of the other two that they said died after the crash. So is it Michael and Sawyer? Does Michael count as a survivor any more? Is it Lapidus and Desmond, since they're with the Six? If someone found their bodies, they might not have known that they weren't on 815.
    • Are we assuming that the island has been moved before, since there was that Dharma stuff in Africa before Ben was there? If so, do you think it could have been Widmore and that's why he was trying to find the island and never could?
    • Interesting parallel between the helicopter crash and the pilot episode, where Jack starts out isolated and everything around him is muffled and confusing until he comes out of the water (and until he gained consciousness on the pilot).
    • The scene where the boat finds them is even reminiscent of the end of Season 1 when the raft is found. A lot of throwbacks to the first season in this episode -- is it meant to signify a new beginning for the six of them and a new beginning to the story?
    • Big kudos to my wife for the catch of the night! We were fast-forwarding through commercials and she caught the commercial for "Octagon Global Recruiting," which had a tag line about ABC. It directs you to this site. You can see the commercial and for what positions they were hiring. Of course, the site is very clearly run by a) ABC (in real life) and b) the Dharma Initiative. We'll see where it takes us.
    • Okay, maybe the other two people are completely made up. Just part of the story so that people don't question why those six were the only ones who survived the crash.
    • Didn't see that ending coming. I was sure it was Ben and then Christian and then one of the recruiters, etc. Did not see that coming.


Marissa said...

Okay, a few thoughts...

1. Props to Keamy for being very clever with that whole bomb trigger thing. Very clever. Props quickly taken away because he failed to realize that Ben was unwilling to surrender even when he KILLED HIS DAUGHTER!!! So why on earth would Ben care if everyone on the boat died?

2. A random thought that doesn't have much cohesiveness, but still draws parallels. Christian, dead or alive or whatever he is, is obviously an important leader-person on the island. Christian's body was in a coffin on 815 when it exploded over the island. Now, Ben is insisting they take Locke's supposedly dead body to the island, too. Could it be that it was Christian's presence on the plane that caused it to crash on the island?

3. Unless he was told to talk in code, why would Walt call Locke Jeremy when, while on the island, who only ever knew him as Locke?

4. While they were probably very excited to see Penny's boat, it seems to me, that, throughout the series, whenever a boat appears (as per your mention, Josh of Walt, Sawyer and the raft), it's actually pretty bad news. So when I saw this other boat, I'd think one or two of them might h put their hands on their gun or something (did they still have their guns) or maybe be just a little bit cautious.

Seth said...

In the repeat of part one of the finale last night, they had some extra questions from the press conference scene. One was Sayid saying that he had no intentions of going back to Iraq. But the big one was Jack revealing the other survivors of the crash. He said that Boone and Libby died of internal injuries right after the crash and that Charlie drowned right before they were rescued.

Jaimie said...

My few thoughts...

1. What is the deal with Claire? I don't think she died, since she walked off with Christian.

2. I wonder if the Island moving around is how the Polar Bear(s) ended up on the Island. And how the Darma Initiative collared polar bear bones ended up in Africa (or where ever it was, a desert somewhere) that Charlotte (I think it was) found it.

3. Speaking of Charlotte... Was she one of the last babies to actually be born on the Island?

4. What's the deal with the others? They just follow who ever... and never age?

Seth said...

1. So we know that when Ben moved the island, he got kicked out and ended up in the desert in 2005 (he was wearing the same parka and had the same injuries at the beginning of his flash forward as he did last night). What if Dharma used the polar bears to move the island in the past and that's why they ended up in Tunisia.

2. As far as Charlotte is concerned, maybe her parents were part of Dharma and her mother was pregnant when she got to the island, I think the dying pregnant women only applies if the child was conceived on the island, Aaron was born fine. Anyway, maybe Charlotte was born on the island and left with her family prior to the purge. It might be worthwhile to go back to Ben's flashback in the third season to see if there are any conspicuous redheads in his class on the island.

Jaimie said...

Seth's comment 1.) that would make sense, since the "move the island place" is a frozen tundra. You would expect to find polar bears there. Mabye one escaped, or they only had the one left, so they couldn't use the polar bears anymore. Didn't really think of that, but it makes sense.