Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Jason Castro Vs. Hillary Clinton For Loser Of The Night

  • What I'm Watching/Listening To/Reading:
    • I was thinking about doing a running diary kind of thing for the last big night of the primary season and the last big election night until November 4, but we're all tired of this and I didn't think there would be much humor. So, of course, I had all of these jokes throughout the night that I forgot.
    • While I mostly watch MSNBC, I'll flip over to CNN during a break, especially when a call is imminent or has just been made. John King just looks like the kind of guy that wouldn't be real fun to hang out with.
    • It was almost all politics, with a break to catch the 9th in Gavin Floyd's failed no-hit bid. The only other thing was "Idol", which had a pretty crappy show tonight. This season has fallen apart faster than the pig's house of sticks when the Big Bad Wolf blew on it. I think I'm having a metaphor issue.
  • Random Thoughts/Links:
    • Huge night for Obama, of course, but I have a better metaphor for this one. This is the last week of the baseball season, you're from Boston, and the Sox have long clinched home field. Beckett throws a shut-out. You're happy that he's going well and that you have one in the win column, but mostly you're just hoping October finally comes so you can move on to the real deal.
    • This story is totally wacky in a way, but I don't think I can really describe how good it makes me feel. It could be the first sign of the Kasparov test coming to fruition.
    • I listened to Glenn Beck for a second this afternoon. He was talking about the problems with illegal immigration. His quote was something like: "I don't want to hear you talk about slavery, Barack Obama, that happened in the 1600s. I'll tell you what slavery is, it's these illegal immigrants who can barely afford to rent a bed by the hour." Uh, Glenn, pretty sure slaves don't get paid. I won't even touch anything else in that.
    • Does it make me elitist when I think that I'd rather my President not be picked only by people without college degrees? If so, is it bad to be elitist?
  • Ranking The "Idol" Performances:
    • 4. Jason Castro -- See, you stoner idiots should have voted him off weeks ago so we didn't have to go through that tonight. You knew that was coming at some point! I'm surprised he didn't just respond with, "Learning about Cuba, having some food."
    • 3. Syesha Mercado -- You know, I wasn't going to rank her third, but then I looked into the mirror and said to myself, "Josh, you can do this."
    • 2. David Cook -- Yeah, I dropped him to second. His first performance was a little weak and there was an obvious winner tonight. I did think the beginning of his second performance sort of sounded like a Springsteen version of the song. You're not going to get much better praise out of me.
    • 1. David Archuleta -- He was ridiculous tonight. He sounded great, even if he is tough to watch with his awkward arm movement and weird nodding and facial expression. I do not, however, buy that he sits alone in his room and sings "Stand By Me" to himself. What he does do alone in his room I will leave up to your imagination.


angie said...

I agree with some of your Idol comments and disagree with others, but mostly I would argue that hands down the single best performance of the show was Syesha's second song. I don't know what the original sounds like, but just listening to her performance, I thought she was absolutely fantastic.

Jaimie said...

I have to say, I find David A to be one of the world's most annoying human beings. I can't stand to watch him!! His voice is just not for me. I didn't think he was all that great last night. I thought Syesha's 2nd performance was really good, followed by David Cook's 2nd performance.