Sunday, May 4, 2008

Week In Review

Random bests from the past seven days:
  • Movie of the Week: Iron Man. It's really, really good. I'm not sure though that I got across last night how good The King of Kong is. It's not cheesy, which I may have implied. It really is very compelling.
  • Athlete of the Week: Kobe Bryant got his first MVP award. It's about time.
  • Activity of the Week: Went to Mount Vernon today for a work-related (though free time) activity. The new museum there is incredible. Great movies and great insights. The part on Washington's slaves is prominent, though gets a little less space than one might like. Best of all, the views around there are amazing. The GW Parkway has to be one of the top ten prettiest roads in the country.
  • TV Show of the Week: "Survivor". This season has gotten great.
  • Event of the Week: Tornadoes all over the country. My house was hit by a tornado when I was 14 and while I can't say it was a particularly harrowing experience, I saw some of the houses down the street literally obliterated, so I feel for the people in Virginia and the Midwest.
  • Weird Moment of the Week: Paula Abdul messes up just a little bit. One funny thing about this: Yahoo ran some story where the teaser was that the mistake led to a dirty secret being revealed that most viewers suspected. The secret was that the judges watched rehearsal. I honestly thought that it was that Paula is on drugs. We do all suspect it.
  • Villain of the Week: Jeremiah Wright. Why his ego has to get in the way of the ultimate ascendance of an African-American politician is beyond me.
  • Coming Attractions for Next Week: Maybe the end to the primary race? The official one, of course; it's been over since Feb. 12.


angie said...

Wait, you drove the GW Parkway to/from Mount Vernon and you didn't even stop by to say hello? sheesh.

Josh said...

I know, I did think about you and I felt a little guilty. I got out of my program the same time that Elisha got out of work, so I was kind of rushing back so we could get lunch. We'll probably go back down there later on in the summer, so I'll let you know.

Jaimie said...

You can even verify Angie finally painted her Condo.

Josh said...

Well, yeah, the truth is that I was hungry, I'm trying to eat better, and I was afraid I'd have a sudden and weird craving for a McNugget.

To be fair, we have a room in the new place that's currently purple and pink. It's delightful.