Sunday, May 18, 2008

Week In Review

Random bests from the past seven days:

  • TV Show of the Week: "C.S.I.:". I'll give it props for a well-done season finale that delivered what past finales had only teased us with.
  • Athlete of the Week: Jason Werth. He had quite the game on Friday.
  • Brownie Points of the Week: Went with my wife tonight to see Made of Honor. I'm a good husband. The scary thing? I actually didn't totally hate it. It has a few legitimately funny moments (but some awful ones, too) and it's near impossible to hate Patrick Dempsey.
  • Movie Line of the Week: I watched the end of Raiders on Sci-Fi today. Which is the better line from the very end? "What people?" "Top people." or "You want to get a drink? You know, a drink?" I can't really decide.
  • Overrated Moment of the Week: John Edwards' endorsement. The time when he could make a real difference in the race is long, long past. No endorsement is going to mean anything until Pelosi's.
  • Video of the Week: Kevin Millar remakes the "Orioles Magic" video. Thanks to Roy for passing it along.
  • Misnomer of the Week: The Celtics' Big Three. P.J. Brown was way more important to today's Game 7 win than Ray Allen was throughout this series.
  • Villain of the Week: The White House. Calling out a political opponent from the floor of another country's government is bad enough. Lying about it is even worse.
  • Coming Attractions for Next Week: The new Indiana Jones movie on Thursday. Memorial Day Weekend coming up, including a trip up to NYC for the Broadway adaptation of Cry Baby, which was filmed at my middle school while I was in 8th grade.


Marissa said...

I love Kevin Millar and all, but what's with the Clarinet sounding like a French horn?

Marissa said...

P.S - From the Onion on the Edwards Endorsement (Read Ken Sutton's)