Tuesday, May 27, 2008

And They Are Indisputable

These are the facts:
  • Maybe you've caught on by now that I do this when I haven't watched/heard/read much pop culture stuff in a day and therefore have no organized comments. Busy day and nothing on TV tonight, which brings up an interesting point: I've only been doing this since October and even with the writers' strike, there's been decent enough TV on since then. With the summer, we start up a period where I'm going to have to go out of my way to find comment-worthy stuff.
  • Settled on a house today; signed all of the papers, handed over a check, and it was done. Wasn't really sure what to expect, but it was quick and easy. A little awkward at first, but once the ice was broken it was even a little fun.
  • JCPenney experience for today: We had to rent a truck to pick up furniture that we couldn't take last night (the manager wouldn't even let us try to put it in our car, like he was the one who had paid for it), so the manager left it for us at the pick-up area. We walked in and security told us to call the catalog department and they would give us the okay to pick it up. I call and tell the woman that Mickey said we could take it. Her response: "Why are you telling me? I don't know anything about it." They paged Mickey, but he didn't come to us. So we just grabbed the stuff and walked out the door. We could have also grabbed everything else there and nobody would have cared, but we would have felt a little guilty. Great store, JCPenney!
  • This is why Clinton using the word "assassination" is so bad. Check out the two paragraphs right above the related links in the middle of the article.
  • I never thought a video game would make me sweat profusely.
  • What's up with paint colors? The color "bone white" is yellow, no white about it.
  • Rambo came out on DVD today. It was realeased on January 25. Seems like a short time, right? It grossed $42 million, less than its estimated budget. I don't know one person who's seen it.
  • Looks like the Lakers may be putting the first nail in San Antonio's coffin. David Stern is happier than a JCPenney clerk when those nasty customers finally leave them alone.

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