Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Idol Chit-Chat

Another thirteen-hour day and I'm too tired to write a ton, plus I only watched "Idol" tonight after I got home. So here are a few observations:
  • I'm a little bitter that I didn't make the joke I was going to make last night about Brooke and the polygamist ranch. It was a mix of the shirt she wore last night and her general vibe. Unfortunately, Mr. Tony's news guy made the joke this morning on the radio.
  • When they brought Jason Castro out first, I groaned out loud. It was obvious he'd be safe. I really hate him.
  • Nice move to narrow it down to two at 27 minutes into the show. That didn't make it too much easier for me to just fast-forward through everything until the very end.
  • Gotta love those Ford commercials. Apparently the Idol contestants can save the world by going green. Is the next joke that Jason Castro has been going green for years or that he immediately smoked all of those trees?
  • Paula's first comment was a little weak, but she really redeemed herself with the second one. No, I'm just kidding. I skip past any time she opens her mouth.
  • Natasha Bedingfield kissed David Archuleta on his cheek. At the next commercial, he ran crying to the dressing room where he scrubbed his face violently. After all, girls are sent by the devil to take away his God-given singing ability.
  • Which is more genuine: Neil Diamond's hair or David Archuleta?
  • They showed Kristy Lee Cook right as they cut Brooke. Was this to remind us that Brooke wasn't as bad as other contestants or was it to remind us that maybe the talent this year hasn't quite been as good overall as we thought it would be? Or maybe Roger Clemens is sleeping with her.
  • Will Brooke White ever shut the f*** up? No matter how I felt about her singing in the past, her constant backtalk was very annoying. Also, nice job with the last song.


angie said...

Conspiracy theory time! I didn't see the show last night, but I read an article where someone said that Ryan never referred to Brooke and Syesha as "the bottom two", just that one was safe and one was going home. So, that person was speculating that Syesha wasn't bottom two, that it was actually Jason, but that producers didn't want him to seem as vulnerable which might lead to a lot more votes next week. In other words, that the show is trying to help get him to be the next one to leave. Oooo, that on top of Paula panning his performance that hadn't even happened yet...intrigue at Idol! ;-)

Josh said...

Man, I hope that's true!