Sunday, April 13, 2008

Week In Review

New weekly thing today. If nothing else, I figure it will help me keep track of good things for year-end rewards.

Random bests from the past seven days:
  • Website of the Week:
  • Athlete of the Week: Sherron Collins, Kansas PG. Mario Chalmers hit the shot, but it was Collins who set up the play with his pass/screen, plus his man-to-man defense on Derrick Rose kept Kansas in the game in the first place.
  • Activity of the Week: Finally getting to a ballgame specifically, but in general it was hanging out with college friends all weekend. Very good times.
  • TV Show of the Week: "The Soup Presents: Soup Side Show". The Monday night best-of shows are usually not as funny as the real thing, but this one demanded multiple DVR rewinds to rewatch jokes.
  • Event of the Week: The last episode of the Don and Mike Show. I finally caught the podcast and I found myself tearing up twice -- when Mike was about to leave and he started crying (the crying was rough, but just Mike leaving made the finality of it seem real) and at the end, when Don started crying and said his final "Love ya Frieda, love ya Bart." I've listened to that show for 18 years. 18 years.
  • Person of the Week: Michael Eric Dyson, Georgetown professor. He's great on "Hardball", but he was absolutely spectacular on MSNBC's panel discussion about race on Friday night. I'm planning to grab one of his books from the library.
  • Coming Attractions for Next Week: Passover starts on Saturday night. Can you feel the excitement?!?

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